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Fun spin on Holiday Treats to enjoy with braces!

December 21st, 2016

When the holiday season comes around, there's no need for kids with braces to miss out on the traditional treats! Some candies can damage braces, but there are plenty of safe and tasty snacks to satisfy young taste buds without interfering with orthodontic treatments. In fact, when preparing fun holiday treats with your child, you can include numerous healthy options that build strong teeth at the same time.

Treats to Avoid:

When supermarket shelves are full of brightly packaged treats for the holidays, it's hard not to fill your cart. But for the sake of your child's braces, you still need to scoot past the hard, chewy and sticky foods. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) advises that children with braces should avoid caramel, licorice, lollipops, bubblegum, popcorn, taffy, jelly beans and hard pretzels. Those types of food can easily bend or loosen the brace brackets.

Kids can enjoy the holidays without risking their braces by sticking to soft snacks and by paying extra attention to oral hygiene. The AAO suggests chocolate, peanut butter, milkshakes, gelatin-based candies and ice cream are all fun holiday treats that won't damage braces. Brushing twice a day is especially important during the holidays.

For added assurance that the food you serve is safe on braces, consider making your own!

The Colgate Oral Care Center has some great recipe ideas:

Strawberry Santas:

Slice the bottom off the large end of a strawberry so that it stands upright, and cut off the top quarter. Squirt some whipped cream onto the strawberry's top flat surface, and add two chocolate sprinkles to make the eyes of Santa's face. Place the top quarter of the strawberry back onto the whipped cream to form Santa's hat, and dab some cream on the very top of the strawberry to give his hat its white bobble.

Marshmallow Snowmen:

Melt some white chocolate candy coating in the microwave, and push a stiff straw or wooden skewer through three marshmallows for the three parts of the snowman's body. Dip the marshmallows in the candy coating, and before it sets, press chocolate chips into the top marshmallow to make the snowman's eyes. Add a tiny piece of carrot for his nose – but not too big that one crunch can damage a braces bracket.

Reindeer Cheese:

Cut strips of yellow bell pepper to the shape of antlers with a sharp knife, and push them into the wide end of a soft cheese triangle. Use two pieces of olive to make the reindeer's eyes, and half a cherry tomato to make Rudolph's nose.

Christmas Tree Brownie Lollipops:

Not every lollipop needs to be hard or sticky. Cut brownies into triangles, and decorate them with lines of frosting for tinsel and sprinkles for baubles. Push a brightly colored, stiff straw into one edge of the triangle, as far as it will go without poking out the other side. Snip off the end of the straw to form your lollipop stick.

Sometimes it's hard for kids to understand why they have to endure the fuss and bother of wearing braces, and it can be especially difficult during the holiday season when they can't eat the same treats their friends enjoy. By offering your child enticing alternatives, he or she can have just as much fun as everyone else while benefiting from the long-term bonus of beautifully straight, pearly white teeth.

Happy Holidays!!

Spotlight On Pam!

December 16th, 2016

Spotlight on Pam!

Pam is originally from Franklin, NH & now lives in Effingham, NH with her boyfriend, Michael & their adorable daughter Hope (aka Hopie or Peanut:)

Last April they took their 1st family trip to the Florida Keys to celebrate Hope's First Birthday! Hope got the chance to swim with PAX the Dolphin at the Research Center in Marathon - how fun is that?!

Pam graduated from NHTI as an orthodontic assistant in 1996 & joined the Kennell Orthodontic Team in January 2014. When not at work; Pam, Michael and Hopie spend lots of time enjoying the outdoors - hiking, fishing & swimming. This winter they are going to teach "Peanut" how to ski - if they an get her to stop dancing - her favorite thing to do!

Just Look at that face - what a cutie!

Six Must-Ask Questions at your Orthodontic Consultation.

December 6th, 2016

This is a video great presentation on what you should be asking your potential Orthodontist during your initial consultation - before entering into a treatment program - you should know the answers to these 6 simple questions!


Spotlight on Mona!

November 21st, 2016

Spotlight on Mona!!

Mona grew up in Northern Maine way up by the Canadian border, with 2 sisters and SIX brothers! Mona has lived in Laconia with her significant other, Walter,  for over 13 years! That's him with the chicken on his head:)

Mona has 2 beautiful daughters. Candice lives in Maryland with her husband Dwight and Krystal lives in Northfield with her husband Steve.  Mona has FOUR grandchildren: Kaelyn (the princess) and Liam, Kyle, and Kurtis (her 3 princes!)

Mona has worked for Dr. Kennell for 12 wonderful years! When she's not at work, she enjoys GOLFING (her favorite!!), TRAVELING (she's been to Rome, Sicily, Malta, Hawaii, California, Neveda, and Maryland!), KAYAKING, FISHING, READING, LISTENING TO MUSIC and COOKING!

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