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Jennifer Taylor, 42

Sanbornton, NH
Veterinarian, Lake Side Animal Hospital

“Jennifer found herself planning her wedding and regretting her lack of follow-up from having braces as a child. Upon meeting with Jennifer, I presented her with an Invisalign® treatment option to straighten her twisted front incisor. Both Jennifer and I were pleased with the results!” – Dr. Alan Kennell

“As I began planning my wedding and anticipating all the photographs sure to be taken, I started to regret the lack of follow-up I had after having braces as a kid. Dr. Kennell and his staff assisted me with an Invisalign treatment plan and gave me back my confidence. The Kennell Orthodontics office is friendly and fun, and made visiting the orthodontist a pleasurable experience. Upon completion of my treatment, I am more confident in myself. I smile all the time and my fears of wedding pictures with my crooked tooth disappeared!! Dr. Kennell and Kennell Orthodontics gave me back the smile I had worked so hard to have.”


Lynne Hebert, 58

Northfield, NH

“Lynne came to me after wearing braces almost 30 years ago. She had front teeth crowding and wanted to avoid issues further down the road. After reviewing Lynne’s case, I prescribed Red, White & Blue aligner treatment in order to correct her front teeth crowding. In less than two years, Lynne had her smile back.” – Dr. Alan Kennell

“Having worn braces 30 years ago, I was no stranger to orthodontic treatments. However, that being said, I sought out Dr. Kennell and his staff at Kennell Orthodontics with hopes they could help correct the front tooth crowding I was experiencing. The environment at Kennell Orthodontics is warm and welcoming, a relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Kennell provided me with options that were cost effective as well as aesthetically effective. He took the time to really explain each treatment plan and its options until I was able to make the decision about my orthodontic care. I never felt pressured and was able to choose an option best suited for my lifestyle. It is wonderful to see my smile and know my front teeth are straight, without crowding, and feel great. Thank you to Dr. Kennell and his outstanding staff for helping me regain the smile I enjoy sharing.”



Michelle Diana, 45

Franklin, NH

“Before becoming a patient of Kennell Orthodontics, I avoided smiling and suffered from low self-confidence regarding my smile’s appearance. After meeting with Dr. Kennell and worrying about the length of time I would need to be in braces, I agreed to treatment. Dr. Kennell and his staff were knowledgeable, flexible, and extremely helpful — making the two years easy and worry-free. The time flew by, as my teeth gradually began moving and shaping my new smile. Fast forward 24 months: I smile more, no longer avoid having my picture taken, and am enjoying being a more confident ME! I can’t thank Dr. Kennell enough for giving me the perfect smile.”



Jill Caristi, 36

Laconia, NH
Office Manager at Steele Hill

“I used to smile without showing my teeth. Dr. Kennell was not going to let me leave dissatisfied (nor was I ) … but when the Invisalign was due to come off and a few of my stubborn teeth did not want to move to where they were supposed to, he immediately discussed with me my options and moments later I was in braces on my top teeth (at no additional cost to me). He was as focused on making me leave with a smile we were both proud of.”



Dave Brobst, 36

Franklin, NH
IT Manager at Pleasant View Gardens

“I wanted to feel more confident when talking to people, wanted to feel free to smile more, and was concerned about potential dental issues due to the crowding of my teeth. I definitely smile more, am more confident when talking to people, and am more confident when dealing with business associates. I feel I’ve been able to improve relationships with my coworkers (which is very important in my job) because I’m more confident, and am not always trying to hide my teeth.”

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