Braces-Off Celebration

May 7th, 2021

At our office we know that one of the most anticipated appointments for patients is the day they will get their braces off and see their brand new smile for the first time. One of the most fun and rewarding parts of our job is sharing in the excitement alongside them. We decided to dedicate a full day to this on May 4th, and we celebrated Star Wars Day with a Braces-Off celebration!

Our team decorated the office for the occasion with smile balloons, which created the perfect backdrop for fun pictures. One of the best parts about getting your braces off is being able to eat all of the hard and crunchy foods that you couldn't have before. We had this in mind when we gave out special Rocky Mountain candy apple treats to our patients, along with other goodies. We are SO grateful that our Braces-Off celebration was a successful experience for our patients, and we're already planning another Braces-Off celebration in the Fall at our Plymouth location!




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