Kennell Orthodontics has the latest EDGE of technology with just the touch of a button!

There is a lot of excitement at Kennell Orthodontics! If you haven’t visited our office recently, we now have a cool new way to sign-in when you arrive for your next visit! Just touch the finger scanner at the reception desk and it will recognize you and sign you right in! Of course, we would have to introduce your finger to our computer, so if you have not used the Finger Scanner before, let us know and we’ll get you registered.  If you would rather just type in your name, that’s fine too, just use the touchscreen.

BUT don’t worry Mom and Dad, our finger scanner is very safe!  This is how it works: DigitalPersona software never stores fingerprint images. DigitalPersona software creates a fingerprint template, which is a highly compressed and digitally encoded mathematical representation of fingerprint features. This template is created when a user registers a finger and is stored in an encrypted file. When the patient later touches the fingerprint reader to authenticate, a new template is created and compared to the 'registered' template. If there is a match, the authentication is successful.  It is a one-way conversion that cannot be reversed. This means that fingerprint templates cannot be used to recreate the fingerprint image.

The finger scan is not the only new technology we have in our office. Our new software, Ortho2 EDGE, provides the latest in orthodontics software technology designed to provide us with the most effective practice management tools to increase efficiency, provide smoother workflow so you receive only the very best care and service.

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