Never to late to learn the A, B, C's of Orthodontics!

With the 2015-16 school season just around the corner, you may want to consider some ABC’s of Orthodontics.  A-Age, B-Braces varieties, and C-Cost.

AGE: For younger children, usually, it is best to wait until all of the permanent teeth have arrived but in some cases, a complimentary evaluation by age 7 can provide ideas which could prevent problems in the future that may become much more challenging to resolve. It is not required to have an orthodontic referral from your dentist to obtain an orthodontic evaluation.

BRACES: There are an ever increasing array of new and improved orthodontic techniques that are far superior than the classic braces that we adults all new as kids. Orthodontics has become a fast changing specialty with many new techniques and products.  Specialists in Orthodontics have far more education and training in this specialty and should be able to educate you as to the best choices available to meet your needs.

With many cosmetic choices available there is no reason that at any age, adults should not consider orthodontics for themselves or for their children.  Roughly half of all new start orthodontic patients today are adults and a fair percentage are older.

COST: Another important thing to consider is cost of the work needed.  Although fees for treatment can vary greatly depending upon the treatment necessary, Orthodontic practices typically offer convenient payment plans without interest. Health savings accounts are another way to provide a pre-tax source of funding for treatment.  In addition, there are several lenders that provide funding for orthodontics and are able to schedule convenient repayment plans.  Orthodontic practices should have an insurance specialist in their office to assist you with any of these.  They should be able to look into your insurance for you and assist in filing the proper paperwork to receive your benefit.

A beautiful and straight smile is one of those things in life that can improve overall health and help to provide better self-confidence, motivation, and acceptance.

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