Dr. Kennell debunks the myths and facts about orthodontic treatment

Trust us when we say Dr. Kennell and our staff know there are quite a few myths about orthodontics (and orthodontists) floating around these days. But before you buy into those myths, we think you should get the facts!

Myth: Only kids can wear braces.

Fact: This is a misconception based on the idea that once you reach adulthood, you cannot get orthodontic treatment such as straightening your teeth. The fact however, is that of the every five people orthodontists treat is an adult.

Myth: If a giant magnet is brought overhead, it will attract anyone who is wearing braces towards itself and the person will fly right out of his chair and get stuck to the magnet on the ceiling.

Fact: The braces these days are made of materials which are non-magnetic in nature. Therefore such a thing is highly unlikely to ever happen.

Myth: Braces are extremely painful and the treatment period is many years.

Fact: People easily get used to braces once the adjustment period is over and find them quite comfortable. The treatment period varies from person to person. Some people may be required to wear braces for just a few months.

Myth: You can download songs onto your iPod, iPad, or smartphone by connecting to the Internet using the signals from your braces.

Fact: Although it is an extremely attractive prospect, it is not yet possible.

Myth: Braces are very unattractive, and draw attention and embarrassment in a business setting.

Fact: Clear ceramics is being used to make braces, which makes them nearly invisible. Furthermore, in some cases braces can be placed on the inside of the teeth so they are not even visible from the front.

If you have any questions about orthodontics or your treatment here at Kennell Orthodontics, feel free to give us a call.

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