Braces for Adults, your smile is worth it!

Jennifer Taylor, 42
Sanbornton, NH
Veterinarian, Lake Side Animal Hospital

“Jennifer found herself planning her wedding and regretting her lack of follow-up from having braces as a child.  Upon meeting with Jennifer I presented her with an Invisalign treatment option to straighten her twisted front incisor.  Both Jennifer and I were pleased with the results!” – Dr. Alan Kennell

“As I began planning my wedding and anticipating all the photographs sure to be taken, I started to regret the lack of follow-up I had after having braces as a kid.  Dr. Kennell and his staff assisted me with an Invisalign treatment plan and gave me back my confidence.  The Kennell Orthodontics office is friendly and fun and made visiting “the orthodontist” a pleasurable experience.  Upon completion of my treatment, I am more confident in myself.  I smile all the time and my fears of wedding pictures with my “crooked tooth” disappeared!!  Dr. Kennell and Kennell Orthodontics gave me back the smile I had worked so hard to have.” - Jennifer Taylor

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