Can I enjoy Summertime Food Favorites with my Braces??

One of the first questions most new patients with braces have - "What can I eat?"  A patient with traditional braces may want to avoid certain foods that can cause damage to the braces, brackets or your teeth themselves!  As summer kicks into high gear, with farm fresh fruits and vegetables, ice cream stands on every corner and local fairs brimming with cotton candy and caramel's a quick list of what to stay away from and what can be enjoyed in moderation (of course):

  • Watermelon  (a must-have at any age)
  • Corn-on-the-Cob (just remember to cut it off the cob before taking a bite!)
  • Ice Cream (metal is an excellent conductor of temperature - so be sure to take       small bites - braces will make a regular "brain freeze" seem much longer!!)
  • Fresh Lemonade (limit sugary or acidic drinks like fresh lemonade - the acid and sugar can weaken bonding on the brackets)
  • Cotton Candy (again in Moderation....but limit sugary snacks that can lead to decay around braces and between teeth)
  • Candy/Caramel Apples (a "NO-NO" from the word go!!  Stay away from these summertime sweets!)

Enjoying the summer months and all that come with them means keeping good dental practices in place!!  On behalf of everyone at Kennell Orthodontics - Happy Summer!!

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