Get Ready for Braces Season: Summer is almost here!

Summer is the best time to explore orthodontics for your children!  The 1st day of Summer is just around the corner, bringing lazy beach days, backyard BBQ's and endless sunshine. Along with days of summer fun, parents may wish to consider an orthodontics exam for their children and get a head start on better oral health.  When it comes to orthodontics for children, summer is by far the most convenient time to begin treatment.  Summer appointments steer clear of school year scheduling and extracurricular activities - leaving children over a quarter of their treatment time before the new school year even begins. They can begin a new year well on the way to a straighter and healthier smile.  As stated, beginning orthodontic treatments in summer months avoids a host of scheduling issues and gives children plenty of time to adapt to their braces before heading back into the classroom.  Contact Dr. Kennell today to schedule your child's summer appointment.  Let Kennell Orthodontics friendly team work with you and jump start your child's treatment plan this Summer!

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