Life After Braces!

Life after braces…what happens when the wires have all been clipped?

You’ve been marking your calendar for days, months even, to celebrate the day when your teeth are free and your new, beautiful and straight smile is finally all yours!

Did you know the time period immediately after having your braces removed is as critical as the entire length of your treatment?  First and foremost, give your mouth time to heal!  Your teeth are going to be weak and may even be a little looser than you are used to.  Most patients are fitted for a retainer at this time.  Your teeth can shift once all the wires and brackets are removed.  It is key to wear the retainer you’ve been fitted for, exactly as your orthodontist tells you.  It takes about nine (9) months for your new smile to “remember” it’s new position.

There are various types of retainers.  If you’re wondering about your life “after braces” contact Dr. Kennell for answers to all your questions.  Remember, wearing your retainer after braces, as instructed, helps to ensure your smile will remain in place for years to come.  You’ve worked hard for it – so SMILE…SMILE BIG…and SMILE OFTEN!

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